The CCA Bank has an easy business life with AFRIKANET
Microfinance sector
CCA BANK choose AFRIKANET to help them to expand their business thanks to a VSAT solution.

About CCA Bank:

CCA Bank is an investment banking firm that provides financial advisory services and asset management for project developers, institutional investors and debt providers in the financial sector

cca bank

To facilitate sustainable access to financial resources to the poor, the CCA has gradually opened 32 branches in 10 regions of Cameroon. CCA BANK main tasks of Offer financial services to the poor, to fight against poverty through micro financing to promote the creation of income generating activities in rural and urban areas and to fight against unemployment through the recruitment of staff exercising the CCA.


In order to interconnect these 32 agencies across the Cameroonian territory by secure connections to high speed broadband VSAT, CCA BANK needed a serious partner, with advanced technology in the high speed internet satellite and has representations in several other African countries. This will allow the CCA BANK to expand its service internationally with a better quality of service. That’s why they choose us, AFRIKANET, to help them to expand their business

How technology VSAT works:


AFRIKANET with its representations in 17 countries in Africa, his experience of 16 years in broadband satellite internet and numerous clients in Africa, AFRIKANET appeared among the plethora of ISPs who have applied to the supply of the CCA as leader and the only one able to cover the pending CCA BANK.


For more information about VSAT don’t hesitate to contact us.


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