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how we bring africa

  • What is a VSAT ?

VSAT is a Very Small Aperture Terminal. It’s a material that allow you to get access to internet via different bandwidth from satellite. VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal and we dedicate this service to big firms, projects or any offices requesting an Internet connection for more than 10 users.

  • How do I know what is the best solution for me ?

If you don’t know exactly your needs, we will! This is the reason why we try hard to be close to you, to know you and make an offer matching your requirements.

  • Do the prices include installation?

It will depend on your need. If you require equipment the price will be added to your monthly Internet subscription for the first month only. Equipment prices and bandwidth prices are invoiced separately.

  • Is there a warranty on the products and services in case I get a problem?

    Yes a one-year warranty on the equipment. Any time if you have a question our team is available to help you. One to one policy.


  • What service is best for personal, household use only? What subscription would I need with it?

    For a personal, household or small office use we advise you to get a WAKA or HIKA service.


  • How long would it take to get each service up and running?

Less than a month after our first business contact.

  • How much space do I need for the necessary equipment to be installed?

Count no more than 2 meters.

  • What is C-Band an Ku-Band internet? How is it different from WAKA and/or from each other?

C-Band and KU-Band are two different range of frequency based on different satellite transmission technology. Indeed our KU-band African covers  from Guinea-Bissau to Madagascar, by choosing our KU-band service; make sure to check if your country is covered, whereas C-band covers the entire African continent. What may influence you as well is how powerful you want the signal to be, KU-Band and C-Band have different signal and speed. WAKA is our mini VSAT on KU-band.

  • Could I get WAKA nights without having it for the day-time?

With WAKA night you can have free internet at night time even if your subscription is limited at day-time but you need at least 1GB on your subscription.

  • How is HI!KA different from the WAKA solution?

    Our Hi!Ka solution covers from south to north-east African countries. It’s also operating under Ka-band. This solution offers you a faster speed at a lower price.


  • What are the prices for  C-Band and Ku-Band Service?

 Prices are slightly different but we can provide a service with a new technology SCPC operating under C-band for a cheaper price compared to traditional TDMA Ku and C-band.

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