US Embassy: AFRIKANET a reliable partner for governmental organization.
Government sector
AFRIKANET and The US Embassy are close partners since 2014 providing an Internet connection for this governmental organization to work efficiently.


About the US Embassy:

The US Embassy in Republic Democratic of Congo is composed of several offices around the country and several departments working closely together. The aim of The US Embassy is to improve economical, political and cultural relations between the Republic Democratic of Congo and the United States of America.

The US Embassy as a section called information Resources Centers where more than 70 people per day come daily to do their research. Readers, researches, professors, doctors are counting on a good internet connection to properly carry out their research. The IRC is equipped with a library, inclusive electronic books are available, more than 20 computers and kindles are connected.

AFRIKANET solution:

The US Embassy needed a proper Internet connection to ensure a qualitative service to the company looking for information or researchers to achieve their work and to do so AFRIKANET was contacted. AFRIKANET equipped The US Embassy with a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) mounted on a 30 meters antenna. For this project, it was initially planned to install an antenna and a mast at the Embassy. The antenna was expected to transmit the signal to the other sites. However, the mast was not able to see the three principal objectives (UPC, IMT and CALI) in direct visibility.

US Embassy afrikanet

Therefore, it was necessary to use a second mast situated on another building – Panorama, which is a 6-floor building with a 20 meter mast on it. This station was used as a relay station. From there all the antennas serve the different sites of the Embassy (point to point system). Briefly, there is a 30 meter antenna mast at the embassy which transmits the signal to Panorama (P2P system), and this one includes five antennas (so if a link is dead, there are other roads) that are going to transmit the signal to all the other sites.

This solution gave the opportunity to The US Embassy to ensure a reliable and fast service to the local population

Our commitment to provide qualitative solution to governmental organization gave the possibility to The US Embassy to ensure a fast and reliable service to local populations and to preserve the image convey by the USA around the world. A dedicated fast and reliable Internet connection is necessary for the Public Diplomacy of The US Embassy in Democratic Republic of Congo to provide the local population with updated information on the political, economic, cultural, education and social life of the USA and the world. AFRIKANET provides the required bandwidth for pleasant surf on the web, a smooth video streaming and high-standard video conferences.

Before, the local providers were unable to provide a reliable and fast enough connection to work in real time, to download videos. AFRIKANET’s task was then to provide a technology and equipment capable of supporting such a bandwidth need.


Another challenge for AFRIKANET was in financing the project because, when you work with a public institution such as an embassy, they do not pay upfront. AFRIKANET must finance the project, which includes the equipment, the personnel and also the local contractors.

“This time, I can say that the speed and the reliability is spotless, we can do everything without any interruption or problem” has confessed M. Mbwesangolo, manager in a local company. “It is better than before, we are happy to work and to do our researches in such good conditions” has also declared M. Kubanga, civil engineer.

Our basic VSAT equipment is composed of different dish sizes from 1.2m to 1.8m, an iDirect X3 modem, 3 or 5 watt BUC, LNB, and other cables and connectors. Additional products might be added if needed such as Wlan products: WiFi and Wimax devices.

For more info about VSAT bandwidth and equipment do not hesitate to contact us.


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