Build a microfinance future with Coris Bank International
MicroFinance sector
AFRIKANET has been working with Coris Bank International for more than five years. In 2010, our team has collaborated with the worldwide recognized burkinese bank in establishing a VSAT network for 7 different sites in Bobo Dioulasso, Koudougou, Kaya, Pouytenga, Dedougou, Gaoua including the main office in Ouagadougou.

About Coris Bank International:

Coris, Holding SA, is an investment company created by Mr. Idrissa NASSA, in order to represent the whole interests of CORIS group.

Coris Bank

These are the main missions of CORIS Bank International:

– To identify, to propose and to realize strategic operations which can help a company or a subsidiary in the long term; to prospect and to identify growth prospects for the group;

– To provide an operational support to subsidiaries in creation, in reorganization or facing problems;

– To strengthen a group identity and to cultivate a sense of belonging among group members;

– To install a unique and performant management system for the whole company, including all its subsidiaries, which will be guided by competent and experimented managers;

– To establish a control and monitoring system for all subsidiaries;

– To strengthen the tools of performance measurement.

To sum up, CORIS HOLDING SA’s goal is to represent Mr. Idrissa NASSA’s aspirations: implementing a financial and banking group working on a worldwide scale and centered on SMEs.


It has been a true challenge as well as the beginning of a long term partnership for both companies launching the possibilities to collaborate for future projects. The VSAT project with Afrikanet was an interconnection project of Coris’ branches to its headquarters for banking transactions. As a bank Coris needed an optimal connection for internal and external transactions. Agencies cannot work if they have no connection with the central office.

How the technology VSAT works:


For more info about VSAT bandwidth and equipment do not hesitate to contact us

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