What happened with Amos5
Something wrong happened on Saturday above the Earth! Contact with the Israeli communications satellite Amos 5 was lost on Saturday 21th November.
Launched in 2011, Amos 5 was in geostationary orbit over Africa. Its coverage extends over Africa, Europe and Middle East. This satellite is regarded as playing a major role in Africa’s emerging satellite services market. Indeed, the satellite generates more than 40 million US dollars in Internet and TV orders.
For the moment, specialists don’t know what happened:  a mechanical failure, a short circuit, or being struck by a meteor or space junk are all possibilities.
Don’t worry, we have the solution! Thanks to our partner Arqiva, we replaced our big 16.4 meters Antenna which was focused on Amos 5 toward the Eutelsat E8W satellite.
We have taken all the necessary arrangements and ours customers won’t see the difference.
We are currently working with Eutelsat as well to propose you our best coverage for Africa, with more than 10 satellites. Find below the E8W coverage, which we recently start to use:

Eutelsat E8W satellite coverage using C-Band:

Indeed, with a recent reprogramming of new space craft on iDirect HUB, and thanks to Eutelsat, we still cover all African continent on C-Band (picture above), Ku-band and Ka-band. Let show us our satellite coverage which allow you to benefit on the best connection as possible.
Ku-Band coverage:
Eutelsat 16A – 16° East



Telstar T11-N – 37° West

As you can see, we have a full African coverage
After Amos5 accident, we took all ours precautions to ensure all the C-band connectivity on the ground. We tried to quickly provide a fast and reliable connection and minimize all the network crashes. If you were impacted by this connection gap, we apologize and warrant our best quality services since Amos5 stopped working.

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