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Christmas Promotion !

Christmas holidays put everyone in a good mood and that’s not different for Afrikanet. As a special Christmas holiday offer, we are offering a special promotional discount to everyone purchasing a WAKA equipment before the end of the year 2015!
Discover more about WAKA and our unique offer…


With AFRIKANET, benefit from 2 months free for any 6 months subscription on the bandwidth, starting from the offer “Super” to “Tungsten” or 1 month offered if you subscribe to the offer “Basic Plus” and “Office”.

WAKA prices

Don’t miss our incredible Christmas promotion, only available until the 31th December

Succeed your Academic year

An internet connection and a laptop adapted to your budget ?
This is possible with Afrikanet!

For the purchase of a WAKA kit and a 6 months subscription, we provide you an officially refurbished laptop.
Thus, you will benefit from 5GB minimum with the offer “Super WAKA”, including 2048kbps downloads and 256kbps uploads.
Surfing the Internet, buying online or chatting with your friends and your family won’t be a problem; we provide you the solution.

This incredible offer is mainly proposed to students, but everybody who wants to enjoy this offer is very welcome.
The aim is to help you to succeed your academic year.
This promotion is available until the 1st November, be quick !

Don’t hesitate to send an email to uk.officemanager@afrikanet.net to enjoy this offer from now on!


Interested by Long Range Cordless Phone? Don’t miss our promotion!


Need to be reached within 150km? Long Range Cordless Phone is your solution.


Until the end of July, benefit from a special promotion on our complete handset and handset. For one complete handset bought, get -15% off on every other product. For on single handset bought receive a promotion of -25% off on all accessories.
Need to have more information about LRCP products ? Download our brochure here If you are interested by the promotion don’t hesitate to send us your inquiry at contact@afrikanet.net

LRCP promotion