Long Range Cordless Phone to help refugees
NGO sector
Between 2003 and 2004, AFRIKANET provided Long Range Cordless Phone for United Nation in order to facilitate the communication of the staff during a mission in Burundi. This LRCP solution allowed keeping the staff in touch between them across the different operation and refugee camps.

About United Nation in Burundi

The Security Council adopted resolution 1959 mandated the new UN Office in Burundi (BNUB) to run for an initial 12-month period, starting on 1 January 2011, to support the Government in strengthening the independence, capacities and legal frameworks of key national institutions, in particular the judiciary and parliament; promoting dialogue between national actors; fighting impunity and protecting human rights.

Many Governments in the Central Africa and Great Lakes sub region have made great strides towards socio-economic development and institutional stability, both at national level, as well as in efforts towards subregional integration which create a huge numbers of refugees in their own country. While endeavoring to ensure that refugee rights are upheld, particularly those of people with specific needs including women, children and the elderly, and providing refugees with life-saving assistance, UNHCR’s strategies for the subregion will continue to focus on the search for durable solutions, primarily voluntary repatriation in safety and dignity, as well as local integration and resettlement.

United Nation in Burundi

AFRIKANET solutions:

In order to facilitate the communication transmission between the staff in different refugee’s camps, AFRIKANET provided Long Range Cordless Phone solution. In 2005, this was one of the first time where people where approaching the long range cordless phone with the mobile phone. AFRIKANET was one of the first to allow an institution to use its technology during the mission of the organization.

AFRIKANET provided the technology of VOYAGER. The Voyager phone was excellent long-range capabilities as well as many convenience features. The simplicity of this system makes it ideal for using it in your home and it is also excellent for use in your work facility. We provide the VOYAGER GT2600 with allows to have a secure voice scramble for security and confidentiality during trouble period in Burundi. It also facilitated the communication to station to station to link United Nation camp and station to stay in touch between them and with the central base.

Our commitment to connect people together to enhance their business made AFRIKANET one of the leaders in telecommunication in the African continent.
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