AFRIKANET developed Internet network in Benin
Telecommunications sector

AFRIKANET and LYZ-DIGITAL brought Benin ahead in telecommunication in 2012/2013 with several Internet network connections in 3 major cities.


lyz digitalLYZ-DIGITAL is an IT consulting and engineering company specialized in telecommunication sector in Cotonou, Benin. LYZ-DIGITAL is a highly skilled-team advising and collaborating with its customers to build for them their IT projects. Always looking for innovative solutions LYZ-DIGITAL has been thriving to develop Internet and GMS network across Benin for over 10 years.


AFRIKANET solution:

beninIn 2012 AFRIKANET provided an Internet connection VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) to fulfil LYZ-DIGITAL objective: become an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Thus we implemented VSAT equipments on 3 different sites spread across the country with a C-Band bandwidth running under NSS12 satellite to ensure a qualitative service less affected by weather conditions:




Our commitment to connect people together to improve African connectivity made AFRIKANET one of the leaders in telecommunication across Africa. LYZ-DIGITAL had the possibility to meet its customers’ needs with a qualitative C-band bandwidth. Its customers exchanged data, files, important information and browsing or videoconferencing with a fast and reliable AFRIKANET internet service. AFRIKANET is committed to help several ISP and telecom company in Ghana and has a network support in the country including Government official as can see seeing below picture in 2014 in Cotonou

Currently you’ll find AFRIKANET in Benin working on a project in AKPAKPA to keep installing and offering our VSAT Internet solution to Benin population.

Our VSAT equipment is composed of different dish sizes from 1.2m to 1.8m, an iDirect X3 modem, 3 or 5 watt BUC, LNB, and other cables and connectors. Additional products might be added if needed such as Wlan products: WiFi and Wimax devices.

We also provide to ISP low cost VSAT WAKA from 425 euro to ISP dedicating their services to a small number of customers.


For more info about VSAT bandwidth and equipment do not hesitate to contact us

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