Innovation, Transformation & Leadership for Digital Africa

Meet and network with 10,000+ attendees, 350+ speakers and 375+ exhibitors

And experience 90+ hours of content and 25+ hours of networking… 18th ANNUAL AFRICACOM EXHIBITION at CAPE TOWN in SOUTH AFRICA


AFRIKANET will be present at Africacom for Innovation, Transformation & Leadership for Digital Africa, from 17 to 19 November 2015 to Cape Town in South Africa.

What to expect in 2015 in AFRICACOM

Making Africa a digital world leader NEW

  • Making the most of Africa’s innovation leadership, how to boost services
  • Investing in Digital Africa, who, where and how? NEW

Improving broadband and access across Africa NEW

  • Assessing the impact of LTE launches on broadband access across Africa
  • Regulation and partnerships: working together to maximise investment, planning and reach

Profitability and sustainability in digital Africa NEW

  • What are the optimum tools for operators to improve the cost-efficiency of their operations?
  • Serving the under served: interviews and strategies to deliver digital communications across Africa’s planning and reachheader-vision-africa-keynotes

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