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Comprenez et contrôlez votre réseau


Solarwinds est une entreprise qui propose des programmes pour faciliter le travail des ingénieurs informatique. Leurs produits permettent de faciliter la gestion d’un réseau, d’un système informatique (serveurs, switch, firewall), une base de données. Solarwinds vend aussi des interfaces pour contrôler les équipements en réseau et des système de sécurité informatique.

Avec Afrikanet et Solarwind, vous pouvez vous équiper d’une connexion internet et d’un réseau informatique sécurisé et le configurer facilement.  De plus, vous pourrez visualiser les données qui circulent sur votre réseau et localiser plus facilement les problèmes.

Si vous souhaitez acquérir ce type d’infrastructure, nos experts Project Design Afrikanet sont à votre disposition pour vous conseiller et vous guider.

Vous pouvez nous contacter au  à Oxford, au +237 242621739 au Cameroun ou par email


Internet evolution in Africa

Since the beginning of the century, we have seen an incredible growth of the Internet worldwide. Indeed, the number of users over the past 15 years has exploded, from 360 millions 985 492, the 31 December 2000, we are passed to 3 billion 366 260 056, the 30 November 2015, be almost half of the world population (7, 259 902 243 billions).


This super connectivity is even more spectacular on the African continent, since 2000, only 4 million 514 400 people were connected, against 330 million 965 359,  in November 2015 , an incredible increase of Internet users more than 7000 % in 15 years.
 The Africa, which account for 16% of the world population, sees the Internet develop very quickly across the continent, such as some countries increase the number of users by thousand.



Kenya is the third African country to have the most Internet users, after Egypt (2nd, with 48.3 million ) and Nigeria (1st, with 92.7 million ), with 31 million 985 048 users but in contrary at the others African countries, the Kenyan population is almost entirely connected. For most African countries such as Ghana and Cameroon, development of the Internet is also very fast , being multiplied by hundred. While some countries have even seen the number of users grow by thousands, as in Congo Rep. Dem., Internet users increased by 4.7 thousand people. Internet evolution in Africa has reached a lot this 15 years past,

There are still a lot of work before connecting entirely Africa , but with Afrikanet , we continue to connect it !


Innovation, Transformation & Leadership for Digital Africa

Meet and network with 10,000+ attendees, 350+ speakers and 375+ exhibitors

And experience 90+ hours of content and 25+ hours of networking… 18th ANNUAL AFRICACOM EXHIBITION at CAPE TOWN in SOUTH AFRICA


AFRIKANET will be present at Africacom for Innovation, Transformation & Leadership for Digital Africa, from 17 to 19 November 2015 to Cape Town in South Africa.

What to expect in 2015 in AFRICACOM

Making Africa a digital world leader NEW

  • Making the most of Africa’s innovation leadership, how to boost services
  • Investing in Digital Africa, who, where and how? NEW

Improving broadband and access across Africa NEW

  • Assessing the impact of LTE launches on broadband access across Africa
  • Regulation and partnerships: working together to maximise investment, planning and reach

Profitability and sustainability in digital Africa NEW

  • What are the optimum tools for operators to improve the cost-efficiency of their operations?
  • Serving the under served: interviews and strategies to deliver digital communications across Africa’s planning and reachheader-vision-africa-keynotes

Afrikanet helped Nigerian hotel to benefit from Internet

Nigerian hotel
Royalty Hotels and Recreations is a Nigerian top-class hotel offering sophisticated luxury rooms for both business and leisure travelers. AFRIKANET provided two of their hotels with a safe and efficient Internet.

About the Hotel:

Royalty Hotels and Recreations is a top-class Nigerian  hotel offering sophisticated luxury rooms for both business and leisure travelers. The hotel is strategically located in Eket, Akwa Iborn State and offer a wide variety of superior services to provide their customers with all the comfort they need. To do so, they needed a safe and efficient access to the Internet.

Nigerian hotel

AFRIKANET solution:

Afrikanet worked with Royalty Hotels and Recreations, and thanks to its engineer team, Afrikanet connected two of Royalty Hotels and Recreations’s hotels: the main office at Eket – Oron Road Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria and another one at Marina Eket – Akwa Ibom states.

Afrikanet provided a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) Internet conexion with a Ku-Band bandwidth broadcast on Telesat T11N.

With this installation, Royalty Hotels and Recreations is connected to the Internet and can use it safely thanks to the additional implementation of a firewall.

vsat in nigeria

Our VSAT equipment is composed of different dish sizes from 1.2m to 1.8m, an iDirect X3 modem, 3 or 5 watt BUC, LNB, and other cables and connectors. Additional products might be added if needed such as Wlan products: WiFi and Wimax devices.

For more information about VSAT do not hesitate to contact us