Long Range Cordless Phone to help refugees

Between 2003 and 2004, AFRIKANET provided Long Range Cordless Phone for United Nation in order to facilitate the communication of the staff during a mission in Burundi. This LRCP solution allowed keeping the staff in touch between them across the different operation and refugee camps. READ MORE

Involve in Fighting Hunger Worldwide

The World Food Programme is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. Born in 1961, WFP pursues a vision of the world in which every man, woman and child has access at all times to the food needed for an active and healthy life. For a good performance of the organization, and having a good logistics, Afrikanet provided its service and installed wireless LAN between spot where the food was delivered in order to assure a well running of all the operation. READ MORE

South Sudan
A partnership with Airtel

AFRIKANET supplied an internet connection with VSAT in order to help AIRTEL to spray an internet connection to their customer. Bharti Airtel Limited is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa. Bharti Airtel had over 277 million customers across its operations at the end of September 2013. AFRIKANET had an important role in this partnership with AIRTEL. We were able to provide a good internet connection to all the AIRTEL’s customers and and after sales services. READ MORE


Africa Online a strong partner for AFRIKANET

Since 2014, AFRIKANET build a strong partnership with Africa Online in order to provide to the company licenses to their customer and an after sales maintenance. Offering comprehensive products and services that ensure reliable, convenient and secure connectivity, AfricaOnline, through its International Access Solutions, facilitates effective communication for its customers with the rest of the world. READ MORE

Afrikanet, provider of licenses

AFRIKANET provided licenses to ST Teleport in able to sell VSAT equipment and bandwidth. ST Teleport is a full-service satellite communications solutions provider for Media, Maritime and Data businesses. A license allows company to have the right, toward the government, to sell specific VSAT equipment and rent the bandwidth. READ MORE

Afrikanet working to develop Uganda’s Internet network

Afrikanet worked with Infocom, an Internet services provider in Uganda, and helped them to develop a wide Internet network on 4 sites. Infocom’s desire was to connect its four sites with a satellite connexion in order to have bandwidth but they needed the help of experts, who would helped them in the implementation of these projects. Thus, in January 2012, Afrikanet helped them realize their wish and connected three of Infocom’s sites on a C-Band satellite connexion and one site on a NSS12 Ku-Band satellite connexion. READ MORE

Afrikanet got a new partner in Zambia

AFRIKANET got a new partner in Zambia to help us to promotion our Hi!ka solution! READ MORE