Afrikanet, provider of licenses
Telecommunications sector


AFRIKANET provided licenses to ST Teleport in able to sell VSAT equipment and bandwidth.


About the company

 ST Teleport is a full-service satellite communications solutions provider for Media, Maritime and Data businesses. It connect businesses seamlessly and reliably through a diverse network of major satellite systems, terrestrial network infrastructures and internet exchanges.

ST Teleport is a prominent teleport operator in Asia with deep core competencies and capabilities to provide a fully managed end to end media/data delivery solution. Our customers are diverse and range from Government sector, defense, broadcaster, energy, maritime to ISP/Telecom, including Fortune 1000 enterprises.


AFRIKANET solution

AFRIKANET was able to provide licenses to ST Teleport in order to help them to sell VSAT equipment and bandwidth.

A license allows company to have the right, toward the government, to sell specific VSAT equipment and rent the bandwidth.

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