• Overview

Africa’s issue with low health care access is serious: one quarter of the global burden of disease is located in the African continent. However, Africa counts only 3% of the world’s healthcare workers. The lack of trained personnel and formation is affecting millions of people across the continent, especially when those people are living in rural communities. Given that more than 65% of the African population is still located in rural areas, most of them have no physically nor virtually access to medical specialists.

Involvement for supporting local medical teams is increasing over the continent. Indeed in such countries as Tanzania, overseas volunteer professionals help local communities by sharing their professional expertise on sites and via “telemedicine” consultation program.


  • Challenge

To provide medical organizations with better services and formations, a reliable Internet network is mandatory. Internet purpose is multiple: doctors and specialists need to keep up to date with the latest medical treatment, online medical consultations can be given to people in the most remote areas, doctors can communicate together and help each other while operating.

The global commitment to grow better medical facilities for a more dynamic and responsive service can only be possible with the Internet technology. Thus AFRIKANET was asked to furnish the suitable equipment and services to help health organizations to face this important challenge.

  • Afrikanet’s solution

A Tanzanian medical centre required from AFRIKANET to connect their facilities to the Internet. Thanks to its wide range of satellite coverages, AFRIKANET can cover the entire African continent and thus Tanzania. AFRIKANET has experience in this field since we provided a wireless Internet network to Telemedicine in Senegal, helping local communities to get medical consultancy services from the most knowledgeable provider.

AFRIKANET is offering a Ku or C-Band broadband to medical centres with competitive and comprehensive prices, built to respect our commitment to play a major role in Africa’s development. With our technical team on the ground, ensuring a technical support to organizations willing to become “e-professional” is part of our duty.


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